Our Team

Our Practice

Our Practice Managers are:
- Lucille Brybag at Rooty Hill Medical & Dental Centre,
- Lucille Brybag at Blacktown General Practice,
- Heather Ng at Dee Why Medical Centre,
- Zoe Yi Ye at Ashfiled General Practice


General Practitioners

Dr Yang Wang
Dr Tan Nguyen
Dr Vivian Morain

Dr Gary Quach
Dr Danish Shojai
Dr Shashi Sahu

Dr Sasi Wijayakumar
Dr Michelle Law
Dr Khaled Etri

Dr Qamar Rizvi
Dr Daniel Guo
Dr Andrew Co’burn

Dr Esther Sin
Dr Munawar Amjad
Dr Kalyani Chandrasoma

Dr Wah Wah San

Dr Amika Jangwal
Dr Daisy Dai

Dr Trudi Ambler
Dr Robyn Maiolo

Dr Conny Harris
Dr Kevin Ng
Dr Esther Han

Dr Hassan Raza
Dr Dr Asela Don
Dr Eliza Yu



Dr Chase Gatland
Dr Pedro Gonzalez
Dr Sakshi Garg



PEDIATRICIAN – Dr Gilda Bona Cruz-Kazzi


Allied Health Professionals

PHYSIOTHERAPIST – Brian Tran, Kyorang Kim, Adanoub Zami and Charbel Ishac
EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST – Brian Tran and Christine Annetta
PSYCHOLOGIST – Sue Boursiani, Ross Leonard and Abeyarathna Bandaranayaka
AUDIOLOGIST – Connect Hearing and Dean Foley
DIETICIAN – Katerina Korbyn and Xue Guo
PODATRIST – Nasser El-Najjer, Usama Fayad and Humze Kammoun


Other Services

LAVERTY PATHOLOGY is located at Ashfield, Blacktown, Dee Why, Rosebery and Rooty Hill
RADIOLOGY is located at Blacktown and Rooty Hill
ULTRASOUND is located at Rooty Hill

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